IT Services

Personal Home IT Services

Many people are not comfortable installing uninstalling software and configuring their computers. Viruses, Spyware and Firewall issues are often ignored until it is too late.

I offer Personal IT Services to help insure your Computers are Safe, Protected and Performing at their full potential.

  • Wireless & router security
  • Virus and Malware removal
  • New  PC – data migration from old to new PC
  • Hard Drive erasing
  • Data removal prior to sale or donation
  • Application Training (Office Suite, Quickbooks, Ebay)

SOHO IT Services

The Small Office Home Office environment can be overwhelming for some people. Managing a Network with multiple Computers, shared Printers and Data Backup can create unwanted stress.

I offer SOHO IT Services that address your unique issues and help you relax.

  • Router Firewall Installation
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Data Backup
  • Network Wiring and Configuration
  • Wireless Security
  • Printer Installation

Small Business IT Services

A Small Business does not always need a full time IT person. If you are wasting too much time on Computer or Network issues instead
of focusing on your business it is time call us for a free consultation.

With the proper setup, IT duties can be performed remotely and after hours saving you Time and Money.

I offer Small Business IT Services that allows you to focus your time and energy on growing your company.

  • Client Server Environment
  • Windows File and Domain Servers
  • File Access and Security
  • Data Backup – interesting article
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Rollout New Software (XP, Vista, Office Suite)
  • Network Wiring and Configuration
  • Wireless Security
  • Printer Installation
  • Application Training (Office Suite, 7, Vista, Quickbooks)

Software Services

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP Upgrades
  • Operating System Installation
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Microsoft Server Family
  • Virtual Machines
  • Antivirus and Malware Removal
  • Backup Software
  • Website Design
  • Hardware Services
  • PC Upgrades, CPU, RAM, Hard Drive
  • Purchase Assistance, DELL vs Ebay
  • New vs Used Computers
  • Networking, Wired, Wireless
  • Remote Access, VPN
  • External Backup Drives

Cell Phone Backup Recovery

Extract your phonebook into a TXT or CSV file for importing into your:-

  • New Phone or SIM Card
  • Different device
  • Share your phonebook with a different phone
  • Import into Outlook
  • Backup for safe keeping